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Mortgage Loan Manager
is all what you need to manage your loan wisely, 
by saving money on interest, 
reducing your loan term, and keeping track of your
payments and loan status.

Main Features:

- Calculates the projected interest
and loan term 
before making an extra principal payment 
so you know exactly how it is going 
to effect your loan and how much you are going 
to reduce your interest and loan term. 
This is the main feature and it has additional analyzing options. 

- Calculates the actual interest and loan term after making extra principal payments 
so you know exactly what is your loan status. 

- Keeps record of payments history including escrow
and extra principal detail. 

- Calculates "all or a specific year" total payments made, 
including escrow and extra principal detail. 

- Calculates the monthly mortgage payment including down payment 
and it’s percentage, tax and insurance.

 - Displays amortization in three different ways, 
schedule, actual, and projected.


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